My name is Ichinisa and my only fandom right now is Perfume(jpop group) so ill post a bunch of random things from jpop to greek mythology

^ thats Kashiyuka from perfume

v thats Poseidon and amphitrite done by

New! at my shop!

Perfume’s Cling Cling earrings!!!

you can get them for 5 dollars here:

Dimensions: 1.8 x 3.5 cm = 0.7 x 1.4 inches

(The earrings used by perfume are made of metal, this are made of acrylic(plastic)sheet)


Guys, what the hell is this? saw it on facebook ._.

Is that Perfume keychain red or pink?

it is Red, i apologyze for the terrible photo -_-¿, its a very intense red, like the “secret secret” one


Could also do it in pink if someone wants it in pink, just send me an ask =D

This is some serious business

This is some serious business

Finally my favorite part of the process, the assembly!!

Finally my favorite part of the process, the assembly!!

Hey guys, i’ve sold some of this and thought maybe more people would like to buy some so i made a storenvy =D





if you have any other design that you would like i could do it too =D just send me an ask, thank you

i wonder how many posts in the perfume tag i dont see…

i mean, i blocked so many people…

To that person that made the “spending all my time leaning forward” mix

im  addicted to that version, i cant even remember how the original goes 8D so thank you you awesome person