My name is Ichinisa and my only fandom right now is Perfume(jpop group) so ill post a bunch of random things from jpop to greek mythology

^ thats Kashiyuka from perfume

v thats Poseidon and amphitrite done by

i wonder how many posts in the perfume tag i dont see…

i mean, i blocked so many people…

To that person that made the “spending all my time leaning forward” mix

im  addicted to that version, i cant even remember how the original goes 8D so thank you you awesome person

i’ve blocked so many people in this tag that im only getting half the argument

Every time i see a nocchan gif/pic i wonder what  kashi  was doing at that time and if she is feeling left out and i hate the world

I have listened to perfume and only perfume for the last week in preparation for level 3

i hope im ready

let me tell you this before the album leaks and shit goes crazy

I love this fandom and the you guys are making the wait much more fun <3, i say this now because the people that has been posting this days are cool chill guys and later on the angsty noisy trolls will apear from the darkness >_>

i have mixed feelings about the 1mm live

i really love the choreo, it looks like its really fun to dance while being sexy and serious (all but the chorus)

but…the chorus is really anticlimactic, the song is really serious and the rest of the choreography fits that, but in the chorus they do like 3 movements and they are all kinda cheery…and i didn’t like the ending…the waving, they could have left it as in the pv, but above all the edition they made to the music @_@ it didn’t make sense


i thought this was relevant to the upcoming album


perfume is doing the song of a TV drama =O