My name is Ichinisa and my only fandom right now is Perfume(jpop group) so ill post a bunch of random things from jpop to greek mythology

^ thats Kashiyuka from perfume

v thats Poseidon and amphitrite done by


I saw this gif and I couldn’t resist but to edit it. Am I kicked out of the fandom yet?

[Fic] Stopwatch


So um… since people actually responded that tidbit I posted, I went ahead and finished it.  

Title: Stopwatch

By:  Me, Chibi

Fandom:  Persona 4

Pairing:  Kanji and Naoto (of course)

Warnings:  SPOILERS TO THE END OF THE GAME, spoilers to the Persona 4 anime, spoilers to everything o.k.?  Angst, character death (?), attempting to use Kanji’s wonderful dialect, and the fact that I haven’t written fic in a long time.

Notes:  Got this idea after seeing the preview for the last episode of the anime and seeing that the team gets third level personas.  Considering how their persona leveled up in the anime, I thought, well now that there’s a third level, maybe they’ll level up like this.  Also, I like how the anime made it so when the persona was hit, the persona user felt it, so I mix that idea in this fic with the standards of the game (you know, the characters having weapons and all that).

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I LOVE YOU!!! why didnt you tell me you were an awsome writer before?, i would’ve stalked you! i even had to search for that taeyeon gif

#definitely not Rise LOL



More fishes

….wow wat


More fishes

….wow wat


oh my god

"just look at these faggots"


oh my god

"just look at these faggots"


Persona 4 keychain designs for AN!

Oh my god they’re so cute im gonna die!!!

hey persona 4 roleplayers! (or people who know them)

are there any yukikos or yus who ship yukikoxyu?

are there any chies or yosukes that ship chiexyosuke?

are there any (moar) naotos or kanjis that ship kannao?

are there any rises or teddies that ship risexteddie?

this are my otps and while i do follow some kanjis and naotos i would like to have more and have some more of this other couples in my dash, so this has to be like…their otp or something XD pretty please <3