My name is Ichinisa and my only fandom right now is Perfume(jpop group) so ill post a bunch of random things from jpop to greek mythology

^ thats Kashiyuka from perfume

v thats Poseidon and amphitrite done by

Bonus holiday headcanon: Happy December 26th


Happy holidays, everyone!  Here’s another quick holiday Kanji and Naoto headcanon.  I hope everyone has a great Christmas/holiday/whatever-mas, and thanks for always showing so much love for these little writing tidbits!

Also, I have no idea why my headcanon for them is having two kids in the future, it just… is?

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thank you…

Christmas Kanji and Naoto headcanon


Short and simple, but still behind a cut in case you don’t feel like reading Kanji and Naoto fluffy times.  Guess I took a short break from the pervy day to day challenges (though I’ll probably still write one today at some point ^^;;;)

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Headcanon: The not so innocent firsts of Kanji Tatsumi and Naoto Shirogane


30 Days of my OTP, not safe for work style!  This is day two (three technically but I was in a bad mood yesterday) and I’m still going!

To make up for yesterday I’m doing two days in one!  Day Two:  Kissing (naked) and Day Three: First Time, huzzah!

Warnings:  Kissings, nakedness, not safe for work things, spoilerings to November and December things, and other ings… oh, and this got a bit longer than I thought it would, so it’s pretty much a fic?

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Fandom: Persona 4 
Rating: T  
Summary: In a stark hospital corridor, Naoto tries to bridge the gap.

[Read at AO3]

(Spoilers for true ending. Linking because AO3’s format may be easier to read than my Tumblr. Let me know any opinions on this…)

KanNao Pairing Appreciation Post



Headcanon: In which there’s an anniversary on what day?


For the always lovely krisrix who requested either first date kannao shenanigans or first anniversary shenanigans.  I’ve decided to tackle the anniversary one since an idea popped in my head right away  :)

Warnings:  Anniversary shenanigans!

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Fic review: The Shortest Distance From A to B chapter 30 (or 41 if you count the Interludes)


My favorite Kanji and Naoto fic got an update yesterday.  Instead of just sending the author a review, I’ll just post it on my tumblr since a) she reads my tumblr and b) people seemed to like it when I posted the fic recommendation, so I might as well talk about it here.

Very, very small spoilers to the fic behind the cut.

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i knooow, im enjoying this fic more than i did harry potter XD (wish i could buy the book of this fic)

Fic recommendation: The Shortest Distance from A to B


All right, I usually don’t do fic recommendations, but seriously: if you’re a Kanji/Naoto fan, you NEED to be reading this fic.  This writer is amazing, and it always makes me incredibly flustered when she likes one of my headcanons, because… those are just headcanons, whereas she’s writing this masterpiece of Kanji/Naoto fanfiction!

Here’s the link to the fic:

Here’s why you should read it:

The gist of the fic is the entire game, only in Kanji’s POV, as he deals with his feelings for Naoto.  It starts right at the beginning of meeting him, and goes through everything that happens in the game.  Not just his social link, or hers, but it includes the entire team — which is great.  Souji, Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko, Rise, Teddie, hell even Dojima, Nanako, and even some of Souji’s social links are important in this story.  It includes all of their feelings and portrays them beautifully.  This fic is so much bigger than Kanji and Naoto, it includes important events, like Nanako getting thrown into the T.V., them finding out who the killer is, and just… everything.  It addresses things that I honestly wish the game and anime would’ve touched on.  

The rest below the cut are spoilers to the fic and the game, not enough to ruin it, but if you don’t want to know then don’t read.

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Break-up headcanon


It is not Kanji Tatsumi’s idea for him and Naoto Shirogane to break up.  It’s one hundred and ten percent her idea.  

She has some fancy dancy case to do, one where she’ll be away for a long while.  He insists that they’ll be fine, but she’s done research, you see, that shows that long-distance relationships don’t work.  

So she decides that it would be best to end things now, while they are on good terms with one another, “That way, no one is hurt,” she says.

Right.  Of course.  No one is hurt, obviously.

In the days, weeks, months after the break up Kanji decides to focus on being angry.  It’s much easier to be angry than it is to be hurt.  Let her go and do her detective gig, whatever, it doesn’t matter to him.  He even goes so far as to tell himself that he doesn’t need her.

It’s all a fucking lie.  He misses her like crazy.

What he doesn’t know is that she misses him as much as he misses her.  Naoto rarely regrets the decisions she makes.  She’s a rational person, she thinks things through, but in this case she knows that she has been absolutely wrong.  She’s written about five hundred and seventy-two emails — she knows this because she’s counted them — but she can’t make herself hit the send button.  It feels too impersonal, too half-hearted, to simply send him paragraphs of apologies.  If feels even less sincere to ask for another chance, especially since she isn’t coming home for a while.

Meanwhile, Kanji isn’t counting the days until Naoto comes home.  He’s not.  Totally not.  They’re broken up, so what does he care?  In fact, you know what?  Who needs Naoto Shirogane, anyway?  He’s Kanji Tatsumi, goddamnit, he doesn’t need some pint-sized detective.  He doesn’t care when she’s coming back.  She can do whatever she wants.  From this moment on he’s going to go out there and live a life without-


Knock Knock.

When Kanji answers his door the last person he expects to see is Naoto Shirogane.  According to the calendar he’s been marking — not marking, totally not marking — Naoto wouldn’t be home for another forty-eight days.  Before he can ask why she’s standing at his door she starts going on and on about being foolish, about being sorry, about trying to come up with the proper apology, about coming here and only having a few hours before she needed to go back, but she really didn’t want to I would much rather stay and talk and work things out and

He has her in his arms in seconds, completely dispelling any earlier thoughts about not needing her, “And sorry I called you pint-sized, too.”

“… wait, when did you call me that?”