My name is Ichinisa and my only fandom right now is Perfume(jpop group) so ill post a bunch of random things from jpop to greek mythology

^ thats Kashiyuka from perfume

v thats Poseidon and amphitrite done by

The Tag Game!


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  1. Favourite Final Fantasy game? FF9 OMG i love this game forever
  2. “I never cry from video games, but I did cry when….”? i always cry from videogames, my most recent crying sesions have been do to Dom’s dead in Gears Of War 3 (why???!!!)
  3. Favourite Persona? hariti, not for her abilities but still like her
  4. Hiimdaisy Comic dub - hilarious or overrated? hilarious, but not so much when quoted by everyone
  5. Favourite villain from a video game?kuuuja (FF9), because no one knows if he’s a she or a he! and he is so fabulous
  6. Favourite band?perfume..are they a band, they dont play instruments
  7. A video game I’m really looking forward to? Tomb raider 2012 and halo 4
  8. Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Persona or Final Fantasy?…shit well being that i only like persona 4 and no longer like the new final fantasys, Zelda as a whole franchise
  9. Favourite Organization XIII member? …am…i like Xion by looking at this wikipedia article
  10. Something no one knows about me?  i love Baird from gears of war and im going to marry him and have a son and name him Dom
  11. Favourite super hero? maybe iron man, i dont know a lot about comics, only that i like marvel over DC
  12. Favourite anime? oh god, sakura card captors was my childhood but saint seiya is so god dam funny
  13. A gif of your current mood? both bored and a little sad (and hungry wich is also sad)
  14. A spacial question for sapsopi (but feel free to answer too): Favourite character from Avatar and/or Korra?ASAMI! i never watch  avatar but god she is a boss

Questions for tagged people (you all have different fandoms so ill be vague):

  1. Favorite videogame?
  2. What kind of anime character would you be?
  3. kpop or jpop?
  4. if you could what fictional character would you marry?
  5. what is your wildest dream?
  6. if you could have any animal as a pet what would it be?
  7. do you have any phobias?
  8. if you were a super famous star how would you be with your fans?
  9. what do you think could make you famous?
  10. when you go to a mall whats the first shop you go to?
  11. whats your favourite fairytale?
  12. what hogwarts house would you be in?